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The Batfleckmobile From BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Images by Arthur Macro via Ain’t it Cool News and HCN.

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"Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?!"
"Because I knew you would cry."

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Korra + earthbending

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Ear scratches

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I..don’t even know…

The reason why I made this sounded terribly similar to ‘why the hell not’, so, really, why?

I always wanted to do some sort of ‘concept art’ thing, but I have never tried it out. So, I guess it’s about time, right?

Also, since there is no official concept art for Zuko’s daughter yet, I thought I could make something on my own, haha. But still, this is pretty much for fun and some new experience, so don’t mind me:3

Honora is just incredibly fun to draw for me, I don’t know why.. She’s young here since I am not very good at drawing older guys sooo hehe

god it was so fun haha I want more

I really can’t wait to her original design anyway. just. want. to. see. her. beautiful. face. *_*

PS: obviously she will look pretty much like Azula, they are related after all:3

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get to know me - female characters [5/5] Kuchiki Rukia

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