I know what it’s like to go through a traumatic experience.

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D E A D    O R    T R E A T

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I always wanted to beat you.

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Shingeki no Kyojin
  ‘A Choice With No Regrets’ OVA - Trailer  

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i laughed much harder than was appropriate

I find this hilarious, but the thing is that was Aang’s defense mechanism. He coped with it by goofing off and playing around.

Aang was a child when he learned of what happened to his people, and I agree with pencilpaperpassion. He used fun and games as a coping/defense mechanism (though he was also just a goofy dude). I’m sure that as he grew older, he had silent times on his own where the entire scope of what happened to the Air Nomads weighed on him very heavily.

He didn’t just “get over it.” The show just didn’t spend much time addressing its effect on Aang.

Honestly I doubt he ever “got over it”. How does one “get over” finding out that their people, their family, everyone they loved was violently killed and that they may have been able to stop it? It’s the same thing as losing a loved one. You never “get over it”…it just gets easier to handle/cope with but you never “get over it”.

Eh, I didn’t find this funny because of that specific wording tbh.

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Dear Asami,

I'm sorry
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Big Bad Miserable Baby. 

This is absolutely not what I was supposed to be doing with my evening cliffdives. 

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Sokka on Cactus Juice

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A list of canon korrasami things for the soul →


  1. Asami misses Korra a lot and ‘can’t wait to see her’
  2. Asami feels that the city (a huge part of her life) is not the same without Korra
  3. Korra feels more comfortable confiding in Asami over Mako and Bolin
  4. Korra only wrote to three people while she was gone; her mother, her…
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oh the pain…. x’c



I know that Korrasami will never happen..

but can Korra at least be like 

"Asami, I love you, you’re my best friend" or something like that!!/??

I will be 100% satisfied with that..



Basically to explain the confusion, Korra and Asami are together. Asami is just showing affection towards Korra in ‘public’ which is why Korra gives off a sort of stern look, because they already talked about this in private, but Asami thinks by showing ‘public’ affection towards Korra it will make Korra re-look the situation, but that was an obvious fail after Korra’s denial at the request.


The real reason Korra has short hair this next season


That moment when Mako figures he turned his two exs like